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Zhejiang Huzhou Rushi Chain Transmission Group Company

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    Found in 1998, Rushi Group is a member of National Technical Committee for stanardization of Chain Transmission and a state-level large-sized business. Its annual capacity tops 10 million meters, producing 100-plus types of chains. The products sell well in more than 30 provinces and municipalities and are also exported to Europe, America and South-Eastern Asia countries. Today, Ruishi Group has developed into the largest chain maker in China.
    The company established a complete quality guarantee system so that Ruishi Chains has high precision and wear resisting. The Group passed through ISO9002 certificate in August 1997.
    Towars the 21st century, our company has worked hardly to seek more oversees cooperators.

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Products: Timing Chain For Cars:

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RUISHI Chain No. pitch Bearing  Pin body diameter chain width width over bearing pins depth of center line plates depth plates Thickness Ulitmate Tensile strength weight per meter
P nom d2 max b1 max b4 max h1 nom h2 max b8 nom Q min q~
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kN kg/m
SC3 7.62 2.78 10.10 11.78 5.15 8.95 1.30 14.00 0.45
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RUISHI Chain No. pitch Transverse Pitch Roller diameter Bearing Pin body diameter width between lnner plates width over bearing pins lnner plate depth Ulitmate Tensile strength weight per meter
P nom Pt nom d1 max d2 max b1 min b2 max h2 max Q min q ˜
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kN kg/m
06BN 9.525 ……


3.28 3.81 10.60 8.15 9.00 0.363
06BT 9.525 …… 6.35 3.28 5.72 12.30 8.15 9.00 0.39
06BT-2 9.525 10.24 6.35 3.28 5.72 22.85 8.15 18.00 0.80

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Add : No.57 Shaoxing Road, Hangzhou, China

Tel&Fax : 0086-571-5378842

E-Mail :

Contact : Fang Guoxiao Manager

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