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Brief Introduction

Our products Our products
Ruian Huada Automotive Parts Corp. (Its original name is Ruian Automotive Parts General Factory) is a enterprise with developing, designing and manufacturing the automobile, motorcycle and their parts. It has coorperated with Automobile Electril Applicance and Election Institute of Wuhan Automotive Industry University, Electric Appliance Plant of Changsha Automotive Electric Appliance Plant, etc. for several years, with entering into International advanced production technology, developing advanced products, studying the ZJ665 model automotive electric ignition series with the second Automotive Manufacture, Dongfeng Automotive Group.
At present, the company has owned the production facilities of metals cod extrusion press, finishing machining, Zine and Aluminium alloy casting, precision casting surface treatment, metal heat treatment, etc.
The company has twenty-eight branches and sales service tracking in the town all over the country, with doing their best to provide advanced products and technology for new and old customers, and welcome customers from inner and abroad to joint-venture and provide design or sample according to which we can process.

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Products Introduction

Main Products: The electrical equipments and switches series such as the Generator regulator, electric relay, Motor electromagnetic switch. There are more than 200 kinds of automotive parts for example automotive diaphragm clutch, motorcycle electric-starting one-way clutch, all kinds of Motor vehicles metal cool extrusion press, automotive pumps, locks, etc.

Our products Our products

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Company: Ruian Huade Automotive Parts Corp.
ADD: Xianqiao Industry District, Ruian, Zhejiang Province, CHINA.
Contact: Ji Guangbin
Tel: 0086-577-5520423
Fax: 0086-577-5527811
P.D: 325206

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