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Hangzhou Huachun Automobile Piston Co.,Ltd was established in Nov,1977. It has become joint-venture enterprise to join with Hongkong Shichun Corp,Ltd since 1993.It had completed the industry total output value 22,000,000 RMB,realized the profits and taxes 1,650,000 RMB,reached the profits 1,100,000 RMB in 1996. Estimately,it will complete the industry total output value 23,000,000 RMB,realize the profits 2,000,000 RMB.The three indexes of products quality, economic profit,consumption of materials can keep or exceed the standard of Province-class advanced enterprise.

Piston Series
[Piston Series]

It occupies an area of 51717 square meters with built-up area of 18157 square meters.At present, an area of 35 mu has been taken over for use and prepare to exploit it.It employs 306 staffs,42 professial administrative personnels,35 technical personnels,owns fixed assets 5,500,800 RMB and circulating funds 10,000,000 RMB.The total assets of enterprise reach 16,000,000 RMB.It is owning two special assembly lines for pistons and provides the advanced precision special machine, grinding machine and computer data-controled machine.There are perfect and special test vehicles. Its production capacity reached 500,000 pistons one year.

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There are 65 pieces of vehicles for casting, heat-treatment, metal-cutting,etc.,674 pieces of instrument,measuring tools for calculating, physics and chemistry.The products can be dealt all over the country,be exported to Hongkong, West Germany, other countries and districts.

In order to develop new products.It emploies more than ten technical consultants all the year round from Shanghai Internal-combustion Engine Research Institute and Baotou Five-Two Research Institute to provide the technology content and capacity of our company's products.


General manager:Zhang Boquan
Company address:Xinwan Xiaoshan Zhejiang
Internet Contact:Zhou Youqing
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