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Dongyang Motor Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was built in 1968. It is the key factory appointed by China Mechanical Department to produce the automobile and motorcycle ignition coils. Now, the enterprise owns original amount US$840,000 of fixed assets and net amount US$60,000 of it. The enterprise holds the land of 11,650 square meters and its built-up area reaches 12,277 square meters. It employs 260 staffs and workers. Among them, there are 40 technical personnels, 3 senior engineers, 6 engineers. It is main to produce and deal in the automobile and motorcycle ignition coils, condensers and etc..

The company is an old brand manufacturer of producing the automobile and motorcycle ignition coils.The products of "DaDong" brand coil have reached more than 50 descriptions. Particularly, the ignition coils of micro-vehicle have held more than 80% of the whole-country market. Its annuity export quantity of the coils reached more than 200 thousand pieces. The company is chosen as the honorary titles of "the Advanced Quanlity Unit" and "High Quanlity Auto-parts Enterprise of Forming a Complete Set" when its products match the master machine of Chongqing ChangAn, Liuzhou WuLing,Haerbin DongAn, Zhuzhou NanFang, Zhejiang Motorcycle Factory, etc..

The first investment of the technical innovation project to expand the ignition coil production scale was completed at the end of 1994. Thus,the ignition coil production scale has reached one million pieces. With the continuous icrease of internal and external market needs, and with micro-vehicle and SUZUKI-AUTO car ignition coil passing the department-class appraisal,the series of ignition coils are classified as state-class major mew products.The technical innovation project of expanding the ignition coil production capacity to 1.5 million pieces has been put into effect.When the project is completed in 1988, the ignition coil production capacity will reach 3 million pieces.


Factory Add: No.130 Huancheng North Road Wuyu Town,Dongyang city Zhejiang,China
Legal Person Representative: Zhao Jinliang
Tel:0086-579-6633845 Fax:0086-579-6633845
Internet contact: Jiang Xiangdong
Tel:0086-579-6623845 Fax:0086-579-6623845

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